26 Mar 2009

Facebook | Home – 2009 Exodus Freedom Conference Video Promo

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I saw this for the first time today. It’s a good promo piece for the Exodus Freedom Conference for 2009. I want to encourage everyone to pray about attending or providing funds for others to attend! Let me hear from you — richard@thesightministry.org or 615-509-0782.

11 Mar 2009

God Loves Homosexuals

God Loves Homosexuals 2:14pm This is a good article on a message given by Bob Stith to ministry leaders. Bob is the national strategist on gender issues for the Southern Baptist Convention. I serve with him on what is called the Southern Baptist Convention Taskforce on Homosexuality. He truly has a heart for God and […]

7 Mar 2009

Gays & Lesbians Must Come to Jesus, But You Cannot!

I cannot reason with an individual who embraces a gay-identified life (or any other life of unbelief) apart from Who God is and what His Word says. Every facet of my life comes out of my faith perspective. It’s pretty black and white to me: either God is or He is not; either God’s Word […]

21 Feb 2009

Seeing & Savoring Jesus Brings Freedom From Homosexuality: Testimony by Joshua Scott Christmas

The following is a testimony from one of our guys who has participated in The Sight Ministry. I want to make one statement of clarification: When I speak of “freedom from homosexuality” (I named the title) I am referring to the idea that homosexuality no longer is a controlling dominating factor in my life. This […]

6 Feb 2009

A Message to the Church Today: REPENT OR PERISH!

I thought this was a very important message so I wanted to share it on my blog. This is a message to the Church, to the people of God, to you and me. I realize it must begin with me! How about you? Most church attenders and churches today are pretty well summed up in […]

2 Feb 2009

Thoughts On Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Are You Willing To Die?

Dietrick Bonhoeffer’s death has been a contemporary confirmation of Tertullian’s dictum, “The Blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.” Bonhoeffer was executed by the Gestapo near the end of World War II because of his unwillingness to stand by and remain silent against Hitler’s crimes. Bonhoeffer obviously met Jesus Christ and accepted […]

21 Jan 2009

President Obama & Homosexuality

I want to encourage you to open this link from OneNewsNow.com:White House outlines Obama’s pro-homosexual agenda and read President Obama’s agenda as related to homosexual issues facing our nation. In the body of the story is another link that will take you to the White House’s agenda on civil rights. By checking that link you […]