Celebrate Easter Big — Lent: Day 39

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Scripture:  Romans 7:14-8:1
I love Paul!  He reminds me of myself.  I seem to always practice what I do not desire in my heart to do, but I keep doing the very thing I hate.  But then I realize it is not me who is doing it but it is sin within me that is doing it.   Though we are new creatures in JESUS (2 Corinthians 5:17) we still live in broken flesh, in a fallen world, and we are being attacked daily by the enemy who is determined to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10).
I have come to realize there is nothing within me that is good, that is in my flesh.  I really want to do the right thing, but the actual living it out doesn’t always happen.  There is a principle of evil within me.  Deep within my heart I agree with the law of GOD but my body/flesh is waging war against what is deep within me.
Oh, I am such a wretched man!  Who will deliver me from this body of death?  Thank you GOD that you loved me so much You were willing to send your Only Son JESUS to die in my place.  Therefore, I know that in CHRIST JESUS I am not condemned.
I believe this is the story of every believer.  None of us have achieved perfection in our flesh in this world.  But through the redemptive work of GOD in JESUS I have been justified and declared right with GOD . . . now and forever more (2 Corinthians 5:21).  There is nothing left for us to do in order to be made right with GOD.  This is not a license to continue on in sin (Romans 6:1).  In Christ JESUS we have died to sin (Romans 6:2-6).  If you think GOD’s grace gives you freedom to continue on in sin you do not comprehend grace.  GOD’s grace motivates us . . . compels us . . . to love GOD and to worship Him and to walk in obedience to Him.  
This is the glorious message of Easter . . . in CHRIST JESUS we have been crucified with JESUS . . . we have been buried with JESUS . . . and, praise GOD, we have been raised with JESUS!  How can we not celebrate Easter big as we come to realize the gravity of the work of GOD in us through JESUS!
There is nothing you can do to cause GOD to love you more than He already does.  There is nothing you can do to cause GOD to stop loving you.  There is nothing you can do in and of yourself to be made right (righteous/justified) with GOD.  It all been done.  It is complete.  It is finished!
[I have learned from a trusted source that JESUS will be here tomorrow!  I can’t wait . . . I’m going to head out at sunrise in the morning to greet Him!  I believe He is our King!]
JESUS is Risen . . . !

Richard Holloman

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