Celebrate Easter Big — Lent: Day 34

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Scripture – Mark 10:42-45
JESUS statement at the end of the scripture is amazing to me:  “Even the SON of MAN did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many (v. 45).”  We often talk about serving JESUS but JESUS says He did not come for that purpose.  He came to serve by sacrificing Himself in our place.
His ultimate act of service was intentional.  He came into this world for that purpose.  JESUS did not come to earth for other reasons and then get caught up in a plot that resulted in His death.
JESUS knowingly walks into the jaws of suffering and death (v. 33-34).  Everyone seemed to be so excited thinking something tremendously wonderful is about to happen.  But JESUS paints a very different picture.
JESUS is choosing to suffer.  He is choosing to die.  He is participating intentionally in His own execution for the purpose of giving His life as a ransom for many – to release us from bondage.  JESUS is paying what we cannot pay so that we might be set free.  JESUS is substituting Himself for us and at the cost of His life we receive freedom (v. 45).
The issue isn’t so much our sins; the issue is SIN . . . the Adamic nature . . . our sin nature.  JESUS did not see us as occasionally sinning, but as under the power of sin.  We are slaves of sin and we need to be ransomed from its power. Paul also speaks about this in Romans 7:15-25.  Also in Genesis 4:7 sin is personified . . . “sin is crouching at the door . . . .”
Paul speaks many times about the results of JESUS’ paying our ransom:  Romans 5:8 –“While we were yet sinners CHRIST died for us:” Romans 5:9—“We were justified by His blood;” Romans 5:10–“We were reconciled to GOD;” Galatians 5:1—we were given freedom; Romans 8:1—we are no longer condemned.
One of the great descriptions of the result of JESUS paying our ransom is seen in John 15.  We see in these versus that we become His disciples . . . we become JESUS’ friends.  I love that concept . . . “I am a friend of JESUS.”   WOW!  The greatest evidence of all that we are truly a friend is our willingness to die for our friend.  JESUS proved His point on Calvary!
I’m sitting at my table alone . . . it is very quiet . . . except for the sound of wind chimes . . . I don’t even hear the birds . . . it is an eerie silence . . . what is this strange feeling . . . ?
JESUS is Risen . . . !

Richard Holloman

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