Celebrating Easter Big — Lent: Day 9

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Read Matthew 7:7-12:
During Lent we remember that the death of Jesus is the foundation for all the promises of God and all the answers to prayer that we ever get. This is why we say “in Jesus’ name” at the end of our prayers. Everything depends on him.
In this scripture we hear with freshness how sincerely Jesus invites us to: ask and receive seek and find knock and find the door opened.

Dependence is not a virtue we ordinarily admire. Today we grow in our sense that we need God’s grace very much – even to know what is right – but certainly to fan our desires into a flame.

When we pause to remember that GOD is infinitely strong and can do all that He pleases, and that He is infinitely righteous so He only does what is right, and that He is infinitely good so that everything He does is perfectly good, and that He is infinitely wise so that He always knows perfectly what is right and good, and that He is infinitely loving so that in all His strength and righteousness and goodness and wisdom He brings the greatest joy and peace to those He loves that is possible—when you remember these things about GOD, this incredible invitation of GOD to ask Him for good things, with the promise that He will give them, is absolutely mind boggling!  
Sometimes Our Father gives exactly what we ask and just when we ask it.  He sometimes gives us exactly what we desire.  But at other times Our Father gives us something better, or at a time He knows is better, or in a way He knows is best.
Rest in Him . . . trust Him . . . believe!  Our Father loves you above all things.  He demonstrated this supreme love for you through the sacrifice of JESUS . . . His Only begotten Son!
JESUS is Risen . . . !
Richard Holloman

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