Celebrate Easter Big — Lent: Day 27

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Scripture:  Isaiah 53:
This is such an incredible prophetic picture of JESUS crucified and raised from the dead hundreds of years before it happened.  He is “pierced” and “crushed” representing His crucifixion, making Himself an offering for sin.  “Prolonging His days” is a reference to His resurrection to eternal life after death.  “My Servant, will justify the many as He will bear their iniquities” means that the fruit of His suffering will be that many people will be saved from sin and death.
GOD, being holy and just, cannot act as though sin, which belittles His glory, does not matter.  JESUS died because GOD wanted to show us mercy because He loves us so much.  He created us in His own image and He created us for Himself.  His desire is to forgive and heal and save and rejoice over us with loud singing (Zechariah 3:17).
We see in verse 10 that GOD was “pleased to crush Him, putting Him to grief.”  That’s an amazing statement.  How could the Father be “pleased?”  Because that’s an expression of the Father who loves us so much that He would sacrifice His own Son in order to achieve the redemption of all who would believe.
The LORD desires intimacy in relationship with us.  He created us in His image for that purpose.  He expresses His radical love for us and His desire is that we embrace His love and love Him in return with all our heart, with all our soul, and with all our mind (Matthew 22:36-40).
This is the deepest longing of our hearts.  It exists because this is the way GOD created us.  The purpose of this longing was intended to be for Him.  As we live our lives we will learn, sometimes through hard lessons, that there is nothing and there is no one that can satisfy that longing other than the One who made us in His image.  Easter makes that a possibility!
JESUS is Risen . . . !

Richard Holloman

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