Fathering Through the Father of Fathers

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Devin & Jonas
WOW! This is an incredible pic of friends who attend the same church I attend.  Sweet family that we are blessed to have in our fellowship.  Every time I see a pic like this with the intimacy & sweetness in the Father/Son relationship I feel something missing deep within my soul. Having never known the love of an earthly father I have always felt this deep vacuum & that I’ve missed out on one of the most important relationships that a boy can experience on earth.  I have no doubt I’ve had to work through much baggage in my life as a result. 
Fathers, let me remind you that fatherhood is one of the most important callings in all of life.  It requires you to walk in obedience & faithfulness & for you to see the incredible responsibility you have been given.  A life is in your hands.
How can you best fulfill this role?  How can you become the very best father you can possibly be?  My answer to you would be that you love GOD with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind (Matthew 22:36-40).  EVERYTHING else will flow out of the intimate relationship you have with The Father of Fathers.  He is Our Loving Father & His desire is to live out His Fatherhood in you & through you.  I can assure you, as you mature in intimacy with Our Loving Father, you will continually grow in being the most loving and effective father to your sons & daughters that you can possibly be.  Do not strive to be a good father.  If you strive in anything strive in resting in Him & submitting your flesh to HOLY SPIRIT so that He can “life-out” the perfect life of JESUS in you & through you.  He is Our Loving Father & His desire is to be “loving father” for you as He lives His life in you and through you.  Your sons & daughters will then have the best father’s they could ever possibly have.
It has been the Father pursuing me that has filled that vacuum within me. This is why I now see GOD best as my Loving Father . . . holding me in His lap with guitar in hand! Love this!

Thank you Devin & Jonas for allowing me to use your example of this truth!  I am so thankful that you guys are a part of the community of faith we call Restoration Church (Nashville, TN)!  Love you guys!

Richard Holloman

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  1. Nate
    January 23, 2014

    LOVED this, Richard! Thanks for sharing!


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