Sight Ministry Fall Semester Details

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Sight Ministry Fall Semester Details
One aspect of Sight Ministry is our small group ministry for individuals who have been impacted by gay issues in some way.  The following is a description of what we are offering for our 2013 Fall Semester:
·         Family & Friends – Led by two of our parents – This group is open to anyone who has a family member or friend who is either embracing a gay identity or is battling against same-sex attraction issues.  Book study:  Yet to be determined.
·         Wives Group – Led by Amber Carroll – This group is open to any wife whose husband is gay-identified or who is battling against SSA issues.  Book Study:  “The Journey,” by Melissa Haas (cost unknown at this time).  The Journey is an interactive weekly workbook designed to help spouses grieve the losses associated with the betrayal they’ve experienced and begin to learn how to relate in more healthy ways to God and others.  Topics addressed include first steps on the journey, grieving the loses, dealing with anger, disclosure, safe relationships, setting limits, admitting fears, understanding the struggle, trusting wisely, and next steps on the journey.
·         Women’s Group – Led by Kim Young – This group is open to any female who is battling against same-sex attraction issues.  Book Study:  “Slave,” by John MacArthur ($10).  You will see with new eyes the riches of your salvation in a radically new way.  What does it mean to be a Christian the way Jesus defined it? MacArthur says it all boils down to one word – SLAVE — “We have been bought with a price. We belong to Christ. We are His own possession.”
·         Lifetime Guarantee – Led by Richard Holloman – BookStudy:  “Lifetime Guarantee,” by Bill Gillham ($12.00) – This group is open to anyone who battles against same-sex attraction issues.
·         4Streams – Led by Brian Smith & Glenn Thompson – This group is openly ONLY to men who have graduated from Lifetime Guarantee.  BookStudy:  “Fathered by God,” by John Eldredge ($15).  In the Fathered by God Small Group Video Series, John Eldredge presents the six stages a man goes through as he matures in life and faith, sharing insights and teaching on how each stage can be encouraged and supported by those around him.  The companion participant’s guide follows the DVD episodes, providing additional information and discussion questions designed to help men grow and bond with each other. Together you will forge companionship with God the Father while undergoing a transformation, releasing the fullness of life and the passion God designed.
If you have questions or would like more information please contact me: or call:  615-509-0782.

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