The Mission of Sight Ministry – “How to Change a Gay Man or Woman”

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While Christ’s work on the cross, the shedding of His blood, was the only way to settle the problem of guilt, sin, and condemnation, the coming of the promised HOLY SPIRIT was GOD’s way of changing human beings from the inside out.  The law given to Moses had failed on this very point.  It was in itself holy and just, but the problem was the sinful nature within people.  Now HOLY SPIRIT dwelling in the hearts of believers would conquer the age-old dilemma of “I want to be different but can’t.  I know what’s wrong—but I keep doing it anyway.”  This empowerment by HOLY SPIRIT would be the dynamic source throughout time for all who live and labor for Jesus Christ.
[From the book, “Fresh Power,” by Jim Cymbala]
By-the-way, this is the way change comes to any man or woman, regardless of the sin issue, temptations or longings.

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