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The Sight Ministry spring semester support groups/classes will begin during the second week of February.  If you are interested in getting involved OR if you know someone who might be interested please reply or call me and we can talk about the details.  Please pass this information forward to your contacts.  You never know who might be interested is our ministry.
Any individual who personally battles against same-sex attraction (SSA) issues and wants to be involved in this part of Sight Ministry must first make an initial appointment with me.  A prerequisite for continuing in the group process is to go through the book study, “Lifetime Guarantee.” 
Any spouse of someone who battles against SSA issues or any family member or friend who has a loved one who battles against SSA issues must also set up an initial appointment with me before they can become eligible to participate in our group process.
The following is a brief description of our current groups:

Family & Friends:  This group is open to anyone who has a family member or friend who has a loved one who is either embracing a gay identity or is battling against SSA issues.

Women’s Group:  This group is open ONLY to women who are battling against SSA issues and who have graduated from Lifetime Guarantee.

Lifetime Guarantee:  This group is open to anyone who battles against SSA issues and is a pre-requisite for continuing participation in Sight Ministry.  Book:  “Lifetime Guarantee,” by Bill Gillham ($12.00).  Book description:  If you are exhausted in your efforts to fix your SSA issues or to fix other problems in your life this may be a great group experience for you.  It’s not your “problems” that need to be fixed—it’s your life!  The good news is that GOD doesn’t ask you to live your life for Christ, but to let Him live His life through you.  We will help you understand how you have programmed your brain with earthly techniques for satisfying your needs for love and self-esteem and help you to discover the ultimate solution through the exchanged life!  Someone has said, “Your problem is that you don’t really know what your problem is.  What you think is your problem is merely a symptom of your real problem.”  Come and discover what your problem really is and the Ultimate Solution!

Wives:  This group is open to anyone whose husband is gay identified or who battles against SSA issues.

4Streams:  This group is open ONLY to men who battle against SSA issues and who have graduated from Lifetime Guarantee.  Book:  “Not a Fan,” by Kyle Idleman – Book description:  The dictionary defines a fan as “an enthusiastic admirer.”  Fans want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits, but not so close that it requires sacrifice.  Fans may be fine with repeating a prayer, attending church on the weekend, and slapping a Jesus fish on their bumpers.  But is that really the extent of the relationship Jesus wants?  Jesus was never interested in having admirers.  It’s not fans He is looking for.  “Not a Fan” will challenge you to consider what it really means to call yourself a Christian.  With a direct frankness that you’re not likely to hear in Sunday school class, Kyle invites you to take an honest look at your relationship with Jesus.  His call to follow may seem radical to us, but Jesus desires it for every believer.
If you are interested in learning more about Sight Ministry please feel free to contact me.
Richard Holloman
Sight Ministry
PO Box 140808
Nashville, TN  37214

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