Conflict and Flesh Among Believers

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Isn’t it strange how people (including myself) position themselves to look good or right before others even at the expense of the reputation of someone else.  Where is Jesus in the midst of that?

Another important lesson I’m learning from the LORD during this difficult season . . . I must not believe everything I read or hear. It seems there are usually two sides to every disagreement and conflict.  Give others respect that perhaps they have been misunderstood or even deliberately slandered.  It’s amazing what I’m hearing and seeing believers doing to one another.  I do not see Jesus or the fruit of Holy Spirit in any of it. I repent!  You must repent!  The Church must repent!  GOD forgive us & have mercy upon us in this dark hour!

Don’t be so quick to pass judgment or make judgment . . . speak to everyone involved . . . but most importantly, seek the LORD and walk in Holy Spirit. Allow His life to  be lived in you and through you.  He will ALWAYS express Himself through you as . . . love . . . joy . . . peace . . . suffering long with the other . . .gentle . . . good . . . faithful . . . humble . . . and He will always refrain from quick speech, self-centered sinful anger, from quick judgments, and will control all responses of our flesh. (Galatians 5:22-23).

Let me close by asking a deeply serious question:  “Are you more concerned about looking good to your friends and winning an arguement or are you more concerned about experiencing intimacy with the Father and being faithful?”  GOD help us all!


  1. Virtual TWiT
    September 11, 2012

    Of all the loudest things Jesus has ever said to my mind the top two rang so loud they still echo years later.
    “I love you” is #1 by far and the other one was spoken so lovingly and sternly that I’ll never forget.
    “I desire mercy(!!!)…”

    Yet here I am having inherited the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, needing to play god. Needing to consign people and things to damnation because they are wrong, but my sight is flesh-faulty. I cannot see into the hearts and minds of others. And Jesus says he wants mercy.

    Such mercy that was poured out on me has never been seen except by my Lord, and he asks that I pour myself out the same. Why is that so hard? Will the fed beggar not share a feast? Would the poor man not share the endless treasure he found?

    I look at the man in the mirror and call its flesh-shell utterly evil for all its wants and wills. But thank God for a heart I didn’t inherit and a Spirit that is capable of what the flesh will never do.

    A question to ponder: To whom much is given, much will be asked. If Jesus said he desires mercy, whom was he asking us to be merciful with and how much mercy should be shown?

  2. Ron Price
    September 11, 2012

    Powerful blog Richard! I’m definitely going to start reading these on a regular basis ! 🙂


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