A Dream

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In my flesh I desire to fight back, to speak out, to make myself look good before others, to vindicate myself. But Holy Spirit calls me to quite rest in Him, to sit quietly in His presence, to trust Him in every area of my life.

This may appear to be doing nothing but actually I am participating in battles going on in spiritual realms. I am waging war–not with the weapons of the world, but with heavenly weapons, which have divine power to demolish strongholds. Living close to the LORD is a sure defense against evil.

I dream about what would happen if instead of living out of our flesh we would rest in Holy Spirit and allow His life to be “lived-out” within us and through us. I wonder if our churches & beloved Christian ministries would be so full of discord and division and behavior that is so unbecoming of a follower of the Risen LORD.

It is a dream that I pray will become a reality in my life.

[Adapted from, “Jesus Calling”]

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