Deeply Grateful for Exodus International

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If for one moment I thought Exodus International embraced any level of gay ideology I would be out of here. I have been involved with Exodus since 1999.  I have heard the heart of Exodus over the years & I have read most everything publicly written from Exodus.  I have never doubted our biblical convictions about homosexual behavior.
Our message is clear and has been consistent: the Bible teaches that all sexual expression outside of marriage between one man & one woman is sinful and contrary to His plans & purposes for us. Also, we are called by GOD to engage our culture because we are confident that “the gospel of Christ is the power of GOD unto salvation to everyone who believes” & the very gates of hell shall not stand up against the onslaught of God’s word and His people.
Those who are blinded by the Enemy will never come to GOD out of conviction but they will come running to Him as they are overwhelmed by His irresistible grace & love.
Fear & unbelief cause us to retreat in offense from the vulgarity of our culture but GODLY confidence & belief empowers us to engage it.

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