Cruise Control and Lessons from GOD

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Okay, I have to be transparent . . .

About two weeks ago the cruise control went out on my car. You need to understand that I really love my cruise control. I am a spoiled American brat. Three things I feel I must have in a car is air conditioning, heating and cruise control.

I really like using cruise control. I use cruise control in the city. I use cruise control on winding and curvy roads. I use cruise control on the interstate on long trips and on short trips. I use cruise control a lot.

I found a company that specializes in working on electronic problems with cars. They asked that I make an appointment to bring the car in. Making an appointment translates to me: “I make an appointment, take my car in at that specific time, I wait while they repair whatever is wrong, I pay for the service and I drive away.” Making an appointment to them translates: “You make an appointment to bring the car in and then you leave the car with them for the entire day.”

I was not aware of the miscommunication until I took the car in at the specific time of my appointment. I was not prepared to hear the lady on the other side of the counter tell me that I had to leave the car for the entire day. I had not made any arrangements for another vehicle for that day and I had a full day planned for ministry. After all, I am helping GOD save the world. I could not leave my car there for the entire day.

I became angry and clearly expressed my disappointment to this lady. I felt I had been treated unfairly. I simply could not believe they could not instantly and cheaply repair my cruise control. I thought how busy I was and how important my ministry was.

I abruptly left that business feeling justified in my anger. I thought that I would bring my car back another day, but I certainly wasn’t happy about it. It didn’t even cross my mind that I was living in ministry at that very moment and I blew it big time.

I drove my car for about a week without cruise contro enduring great suffering and pain. My son, Shad, replaced the burned out brake light bulbs and also checked the fuse for the cruise crontrol but found it to be okay. The fuse was not the problem. On the way home that night I prayed and asked the LORD to “heal” my cruise control. Silly, I know!

On the following day I began my journey to Richmond, KY, to preach the truth of who GOD is and His provision. I was dreading the trip because I was going to have to drive all the way without my beloved cruise control. Once I got on the the state highway to cross over into Kentucky I thought I would just try the cruise control. To my surprise and shock, it worked! I began praising GOD in a big way!

Later, as I was sharing this story with a friend, the LORD spoke to me clearly and showed me what I had done. I had responded to the lady at the car repair business out of my flesh. Also, I had been living in unbelief. I did not respond to GOD with the reality of His presence and what He was doing at the moment. I missed an opportunity to show the life of Christ Jesus to these creatures of GOD. And, He protected me from spending several hundred dollars in having the cruise control repaired because it really wasn’t about the cruise control.

In this article I needed to confess my sinful behavior, my attitude of unbelief and my heart of pride and love for worldly luxury. I repent, AGAIN! I have been reminded once again that the LORD is present in all circumstances, big or small, and I desire to see what He is doiing and hear what He is saying in every circumstance, big or small.

I praise His glorious name for healing my cruise control and for showing me more of His purposes for my life. I also thank the LORD for contiuing to reveal my love for this material world and my addiction to my flesh so that I can come to repentance daily.

“Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39).

How silly and childish . . . LORD have mercy,
Richard Holloman


  1. Randy Thomas
    August 20, 2010

    I think many people can relate to you on losing it with customer service folks … even if those folks don’t deserve it. We Americans can be very bratty sometimes.

    I cannot relate to using cruise control on steep or winding roads or in traffic though. Sounds kind of scary actually.

  2. David
    August 20, 2010

    Great post, Richard. How many times do miss God’s divine appointments because we are too busy fixing things? Thanks for sharing!


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