The Church is Playing the Harlot

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The prophecy of Hosea is a profound statement to the typical believer and to the typical church of our day. Gomer was Hosea’s unfaithful wife who “played the harlot” (2:5) by chasing after other lovers. Though she continued her unfaithful sexual pursuits Hosea loved her and chased after her. In the historical context this is an incredible picture of GOD’s love for His people in the Northern Kingdom (Israel). For us today it is a wake up call to face our promiscuous longings for lesser lovers in the place of being overwhelmed by GOD’s great passion for us.

Let us (the Church) stop focusing on personal holiness (a list of do’s & don’ts). GOD is wooing us. He is jealous when we chase after lesser lovers (it is pornographic to do so & we commit adultery). As we make love with Him we realize no other lover satisfies. This truth radically changes everything about us. May we realize our focus has been in the wrong place. NEVER focus on your behavior. . .ALWAYS focus on GOD.

The real problem with us is not our outward behavior. Our unfaithful behavior is merely symptomatic of a much deeper longing and emptiness within our heart. Our concern must not be focused on our sexual immoral behavior, or on our jealousy and envy, or on our self-centeredness, or on our nature to steal and lie and cheat. Our concern ought to be focused on why we act in such ways. It is a matter of our heart. Our hearts are empty and we are yearning for them to be filled. We pursue everything this world has to offer but we are never ultimately satisfied.

Hosea 6:6 is a clear text on this matter, “For I desire loyalty and not sacrifice (outward religious expression or activity), the knowledge (an authentic intimate love relationship, ie., sexual intercourse)of GOD rather than burnt offerings (religious activity).” Offering sacrificial animals without an inner heart of love for GOD was never a part of the biblical understanding of true salvation and redemption.

(I’m going to get into trouble here but here it goes anyway)– The ultimate expression of love in our flesh is sexual intercourse fully culminated in orgasm. The Bible expresses our intimacy with GOD as being fully realized when we truly “know” Him (literally as through sexual intercourse).

As our hearts fall in love with our true Lover we will never have to be motivated by preachers or others, we will never have to be prodded, manipulated or made to feel guilty in order to get us to work for GOD. When we truly love our Lover we are motivated by unexplainable & incomparable spiritual pleasure, joy and satisfaction.

GOD’s inconsumable love is amazing as we grow in comprehending His eternal promise, “I will take you to be My wife forever. I will take you to be My wife in righteousness, justice, love, and compassion” (2:19). Oh Lover of my soul, Oh Lover Who desires me, may You find me to be faithful only to You!

Longing for Him,
Richard Holloman
Sight Ministry
PO Box 140808
Nashville, TN 37214

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